Who We Are

We provide commercial, residential and civil builders with cost-effective, innovative and reliable screw piling solutions for building foundations that keep projects on time and on budget.

We take pride in manufacturing and installing our products using the most advanced equipment and highest quality materials available. We use only high grade Australian structural steel for our screw pile shafts, helixes and connection modules.

All of our screw piles and foundation products are engineered to ensure a minimum 50 year design life, so you know you can count on Solidity to ensure the success of your project.

We see every client as our most important client and we have created our business to reflect this philosophy. With our rapid turnaround on quotations and short 7-14 day lead times, we are able to provide assurance that our works will be delivered on time and on budget.

In recent years in particular, we have had a significant involvement in renewable energy and infrastructure projects.

Our values:

Family Owned & Operated
Completely Australian Made
Cost Effective, Innovative & Reliable

When we started

In 2016 when directors Rob and Brodie Houghton founded the company, they saw screw piling as the future of foundation technology. The days of relying on costly, environmentally unfriendly and time consuming techniques such as deep concrete footing excavation work and mass concrete pins would inevitably disappear.  This vision linked with their synergistic, strong working relationship have brought the company the success it enjoys today.

Rob Houghton

Rob’s background is tied strongly to the Australian manufacturing industry. Before becoming involved in the piling trade, Rob was the Founder / Director of a successful national business, operating in the field of metallurgy and specialised coatings.
Rob’s business was accredited with the development of several important coating systems which have a wide range of application including mining, infrastructure and defence. Through this vast experience, Rob brings to the table a wealth of knowledge relating to product manufacture, engineering and business administration.

Brodie Houghton

Brodie commenced his career in the construction Industry in June 2011.
Having secured relevant industry qualifications, Brodie was employed by an industry leader in the field of remedial construction works. In his position of construction manager, Brodie was responsible for the management of projects involving building failure. The projects ranged from foundation stress through to flood and fire damage.
From this experience, Brodie acquired a firm understanding of the practical application of design elements and the likely results on implementation.
Following this, Brodie began work as a consultant in the remedial construction field, specialising in underpinning and foundation repair.

Meet the team


Andrew Cui

Junior Contract & Project Manager Administrator
Andrew has completed a Masters Degree in Project Management with a civil engineering background.
Andrew has previously worked for the Shanghai Tunnel Engineering & Rail Transit Design and Research Institute. At Solidity, Andrew is a junior contract and project management administrator.

Ben Sumpter

Business Development Manager
Ben’s role at Solidity is Business Development Manager. Ben is a plumber by trade but then changed paths to have a 20+ year career in the corporate sector, mainly in Sales Leadership and Senior Management. Ben is excited to be part of the Solidity team and involved in a structural solution with such huge scope for growth.
Kevi- Picton

Kevin Picton

General Manager
Kevin started in steel in Newcastle with Australian National Industries.
Kevin has more than 25 years of international experience as a senior leader in supply chain optimisation.
Currently, Kevin is the Solidity General Manager.