Helical pile manufacture

All Solidity helical piles are manufactured in our pile manufacturing facility in Thomastown, Victoria.

The manufacturing process is overseen by the production supervisor, in accordance with stringent quality management and assurance procedures.

All piles are manufactured with Australian supplied C350 grade steel and each completed pile is inspected for compliance with the relevant welding procedure.

Test certificates for pile shaft and plate sections are available upon request.

We supply piles in three finishes, namely raw, painted and galvanised. We are happy to help with an assessment to determine the best finish for your site.

Pile supply

Pile manufacturing is conducted on a ‘per order’ basis.

In order to meet the needs of our clients, our manufacturing facility holds stock of up to 200t of pipe material and sufficient plate material for the production of over 1000 helix plates in standard sizes.

With our finely tuned manufacturing process we are able to produce up to 450 piles each week.

This helps us to achieve short lead times while still accommodating non-standard or custom designed projects.