Helical Anchoring Systems

Versatile, environmentally conscious and efficient

Helical Anchoring Systems function in the same manner as that of Helical Piling. Due to the wide helix plate and achieved minimum depth, uplift capacity equivalent to downward bearing capability is easily reached by helical or screw anchoring operations. Helical Anchors can be provided with several different attachment modules, suitable for use in temporary and permanent applications. Unlike conventional anchoring systems, helical anchoring uses the inherent weight and retentive qualities of the ground; resulting in a higher performing product than other methods. By weight, helical anchoring can provide as much as 50-100 times the uplift capacity of an equivalent concrete anchoring system.

We manufacture our own Helical Piles, Helical Anchors and Pile Cap Modules to ensure our customers are provided with the best quality product available.

Our Helical anchors offer a versatile, environmentally conscious and efficient alternative to traditional concrete anchoring systems, with many advantages to be taken into consideration.


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